Service Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Qualify your canine assistant
to be a Service Dog.

Why Should My Service Dog Be Identifiable?

If you have taken the time and resources to ensure that your dog can become a service dog, it is important that others know that your dog is a service dog! If dogs do not have the right identification, they may denied entrance into public facilities, businesses, and more. Service Dogs America has made it easy for you to get all of your service dog identification in one place.

We understand that individuals choose to train their own dogs, and therefore, we supply you with the right identification to allow your dog to accompany you wherever you go.

What's Included in Your Service Dog Identification Pack

  • Service Dog Identification Card
  • Service Dog Identification Tag
  • Service Dog Vest with Embroidered Service Dog Patch
  • Information Booklet
  • Customized Metal Collar Tag

You can also add on:

  • Ask to Pet Me Patch ($10)
  • Do Not Pet Me Patch ($10)
  • 6 ft Stainless Steel Clip Leash ($19.50)
  • Collar: m,l,xl ($12.50)
  • Harness ($80)

At Service Dogs America, we want to ensure that your canine meets the service dog identification requirements. If you have any questions about the service dog identification tags, or the process of registering your service dog, please contact us today!


The Americans with disabilities Act, does not require you to have identification on your service dog.

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